Terms And Conditions

By accepting our terms & conditions you are agreeing to abide our below mentioned particulars i.e.

1. My Law Diary is a web application which displays result on the basis of information as inserted. Thus, you are aware of the fact that there may be some technical fault appearing from time to time.
2. A case or any other aspect of law diary needs to be updated properly whenever there is any change or amendment in provided information.
3. In order to get notification through the category "Reminders" user must place a requisite information before 10 hours from scheduled time.
4. Next date should be checked and inserted properly while transferring cases from "Inactive cases" to "My cases".
5. "Check available dates" feature in a particular case shall show the dates that are not suitable for you, however the user must mark the date in red through Manage date category of the app.
6. It is to be noted that the document uploading facility for every case has been provided only to upload some important ones and not to store each and every file concerning the case.
7. The terms & conditions are always subject to change as and when required and the newly stated term shall be applicable on the users accordingly.
8. My Law Diary app has been developed with at most care and sincerity, it has been taken into consideration that no error should occur at any point of time during the course of using this application, however if any such error or technical fault occur we shall not be held responsible.